• The role of the head of businesses, enterprises and institutions for the growth of business & industries, efforts for transformation of business activities, increase in profitability, employment generation, CSR activities, support and guidance to other entrepreneurs for business promotion and growth as well as encouraging entrepreneurship in younger generations
  • The role of the head of businesses, enterprises and institutions in the development of Industries, Infrastructure, Rural, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Environment in the region as well as important role played for the Policy change & Policy Implementation
  • The background of applicants - First Generation Entrepreneur or from Family-owned business
  • The family Background of the applicant: family business / agriculturalist / Government job / private employment / professional /any other profession
  • Better quality of business Management Practices & Good Governance & adoption of business ethics
  • Innovations and Industrial Automation & Commercialization of Inventions
  • Adoption of the advanced and digital technology / technology development / patented technology
  • Focus on the research & development and product design
  • Emphasizing on the quality services, utilization of new concepts for growth & expansion
  • Unique marketing, promotion and branding strategies for improvement of sales & profits
  • Human Resource Management and responsibilities, towards welfare of employees
  • Adoption of International Standardization and Certifications obtained
  • Quality assurance & commitment towards the improvement of productivities & service qualities
  • The strategies and initiatives for the environment protection and awareness
  • Energy conservation measures and Industrial and employees’ safety measures
  • The growth rate of employment on year – on – year basis
  • Social commitments or contributions towards the growth & empowerment of SMEs or Young / Women Entrepreneurs or Start-ups (by mentoring, guidance, intrapreneurnship and providing the Business opportunities)
  • The strategies and initiatives for future expansion or diversification plans, if any
  • The social activities under CSR, awareness program related to medical, health & hygiene, water, environment, sanitation, energy, agriculture and youth & women empowerment
  • The individual efforts for transformation of E-Governance, initiatives for the promotion of schemes and its benefits for people, industrialization in rural areas, rural development as well as financial literacy and financial inclusion programs
  • The performance evaluation; and
  • The details of about other Awards, if any, conferred upon you/your company/your institute.


  • The Enterprises and SMEs should be in operations for at least 3 years;
  • The Institute should be in operations for at least 5 years;
  • The CEO of the company should be holding the post for at least 3 years or more;
  • The Entrepreneurs, Chairman, MD, CEO or Joint MD or Director or Partner or deemed, Executive Director, Founder or Head of the organizations, are eligible to apply for this Award.